Terms and Conditions

Web Development Process :

The first step to order a new website is to contact us by any of the following method such as – contact form, email, phone call or whatsapp and explain your project to our executives who respond to you. Then you must follow the below steps –

Payments & Refunds :

For each project you will be informed about the total charge and the due date with invoice. You will pay the bill before the due date expires.

We provide you the demo and designs at the very begining. We don’t start your project until we get the final affirmative answer from you. So there is no refund once you finalize the design and pay us to start you project. Because it consumes the efforts and valuable time of our team to design all the things for your project. But you can change and modify anything to it for unlimited number of times within a specific period of time mentioned in the agreement of the project.

Licencing and content :

When you confirm the web pages and designs you must provide us the contents, images, videos and all other kind of stuff that you need to have on your site. We will not take any responsibilities for the copyright and trademark of the contents that you provide us. We do not accept request for the website which contains the following contents :

Whenever we change or update something on your website we give you the details about it in written via email. We change / update or modify the template only if you request us to do so. We will not be responsible if you make any changes to your website by your own.